Frequently Asked Questions

The eV Challenge powered by Synergy is one of WA's, and Australia's, premier STEM competitions. As you're probably aware STEM education is very high on the educational agenda so the relevance of the eV Challenge to modern education is very high. However the eV Challenge was created way back in 2001, and was STEM before even STEM was STEM - if you get my point.

The benefits of entering the event are many and varied - it allows schools to provide students with a stimulating STEM project to focus on (who doesn't like race cars?); the large-scale nature of the project lends itself to exposing students to a large team-based project - just like engineering projects out in the real world; the vehicles built to compete are designed to fit actual people in - no tiny models here. It means that students actually get to drive their creations; the event is safe and stimulating. We are a CAMS affiliated club, use affiliated and accredited officials and venues, our technical regulations are approved by CAMS, we are insured by CAMS also, and our regulations allow for safe vehicles which also have the capability of being fast enough to make the event fun.

We could go on but if you want to know more, email us and we'll give you a more detailed answer!