#44 – Sir Jackie

In Class C for private teams, tertiary and corporate teams, Comet Bay’s teachers built a car and rolled it out in a homage to 3-time F1 World Champion Sir Jackie Stewart, wearing his 1973 F1 livery. Built using a unique gusseted aluminium frame construction method usually used in ultralight aircraft, ‘Sir Jackie’ jumped to the lead of the Class C event on the first lap and was only headed during the pit stop phase.

With the overall champion car from 2016 completing 35 laps the top three in Class C completed an amazing 46 laps – an extra 8+km on the same battery! And to top it all off, Sir Jackie – driven by Mr Niven and yours truly – not only won Class C but were crowned Overall Champions, knocking off three-time champs Wesley College for the first time since 2013!