#44 – Sir Jackie

In Class C for private teams, tertiary and corporate teams, Comet Bay’s teachers built a car and rolled it out in a homage to 3-time F1 World Champion Sir Jackie Stewart, wearing his 1973 F1 livery. Built using a unique gusseted aluminium frame construction method usually used in ultralight aircraft, ‘Sir Jackie’ jumped to the … Read more

#72 – EVEO

In Class B, for students up to Year 12, our dedicated duo of Cameron Carswell and Owen Hall were joined by Jayden Tomkinson in the revolutionary ‘EVEO’ – described by some as the ‘Starship Enterprise’. After a cautious start the boys started powering through the field of 20 cars, sitting in either 2nd or 3rd position for … Read more

#33 – Bender

Car 33 - Comet Bay College - eV Challenge

November 2017 Despite not setting a practice time due to the chain dropping off, in the event itself Bender flew, leading for the majority of the race before a loose steering connection caused our third driver to have to pull off track, return to the pits and get repaired before returning to the track, albeit … Read more